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Welcome to a new frontier  Empty Welcome to a new frontier

Post by TalesofNine on Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:20 pm

Welcome to a new frontier  800px-Artist's_impression_of_a_protocluster_forming_in_the_early_Universe
Welcome to the Endless Frontier. If by chance you've stumbled across our small forum or were more likely invited, I'd like to welcome you. Do you enjoy popular culture? Enjoy writing? Drawing? Or simply discussing your favorite thing? You're welcome to join up and enjoying everything from writing and sharing fanfiction, creating original settings and even creating and participating in roleplays.

The possibilities are endless on this humble forum.

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the rules around here?

A: Look I'm not running a government here, this forum is extremely tiny and affairs are handled on a case by case basis. Most of us here are 18+ or approaching that age, so I'm not overly sensitive to what is discussed or posted here. HOWEVER to not take that to mean you can post just anything, Invisionfree itself has content rules so make sure not to post anything that would get the forum deleted like pornography or illegal material. Beyond that, I only have one rule, Endless Frontier is under no obligation to facilitate you. Be respectful, be kind, don't make an ass of yourself. You have a problem with someone? Talk it out, bring it forward and we can discuss it within reason. But if it becomes agreed that your presence is harmful, you are gone.

But like I said I'm not running a country here. Mistakes happen and no one is perfect. I'm not the only one making decisions here. But just know my patience isn't infinite. I want this place to be an enjoyable place to discuss and share. I'm not interested in flame wars and internal politics but I do care about people. I don't like kicking people out. I want to make this a place where anyone is welcomed. So TLDR: Please don't force my hand.

Q: Seems a bit quiet around here, where is everybody?

A: To be honest with ya we mostly use the forum for posting writing material. Our main discussions are held in instant message chatrooms currently we are using Discord as our main discussion place. Send me a PM if you want access to it.

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